The Real Reason Why They Repeat the Same 20 Songs on the Radio & TV Nationwide

Ever wonder why you see and hear the same 20 artists on the rotation on radio & television? No, it's not because people are calling the radio stations requesting the songs incessantly.  The answer: media-consolidation. 90% of the media is controlled by only 6 companies: GE, Newscorp, Disney, Viacom & Time Warner. Compare that to 1983 when media was owned by 50 companies.  According to, "media consolidation means less diversity in programming and ownership, fewer voices and viewpoints, less coverage of local issues that matter to communities and less of the unbiased, independent and critical journalism we need to prevent abuses of power."  Media-consolidation has affected the balance and diversity of today's music, which is especially evident when it comes to hip hop.  (

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ORIGINAL: Infographic by Frugal Dad.

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This article is right on target!! I have worked in radio for over 30 years and it's gotten so controlled by the large corporations that there is very little room for freedom.  I started my own R&B online radio station recently because of these very issues. ( I hope that internet radio will become the main alternative from the corporate monopoly that has been created since the FCC changed the rules and allowed these companies to take over radio and turn most of it into cookie-cutter formats that offer such little variety and diveristy. I think that there is still alot of creative artists out there and it's going to take more stations to come along and challenge the current status quo.  You can find alternative stations at places like ( which lets you access stations for free from that one website. Please stop by and other internet stations and you'll get a chance to see the diversity that's still out there if you can find it1!

Yup it's gonna need a grass roots groundswell to change the trend in music. People need to support independent artists and divest from corporate/commercial hip hop.

It's called mind control. All these videos, music, movies, marketing, and media is being spoon-fed into our subconscious. Be mindful of the things that enter your mind. Unplug yourself from the matrix. Open up your puppet mind to see the strings drawn into every fabric of our society. And yes, you could call me a conspiracy factist. :}

I hear ya Tim. It is brainwashing (aka Public Relations). The repetitive nature and the bombarding of the messages from many different outlets to influence our buying habits.  And it's much easier if you have a monopoly of the media.

Yeah it's a bummer that the radio stations bombard you with the same songs hour after hour, day after day, get the point.  There is a lot of good music out there, it's just a bummer that most people don't hear it because they only listen to the radio.

My website starts off with my dub-step mix, that is not commercial, although it has remixes of commercial songs, I love remixes because they add flavor to a track

This is so sad. The real artists, who are actually creating meaningful music don't have a platform anymore. This is why you've got radio stations like Deja Vu FM over here in the UK, championing REAL music from all genres ranging from Hip-Hop to Dance Music. It's the same situation here in the UK. The mainstream stations all play the same crap, and there is no REAL choice. There is SO MUCH great music being released DAILY that we don't know about because the mainstream are only focusing on 'whats hot' at the moment. Stations like Deja Vu and 167 the Bridge really offer an alternative to heavily controlled programming. Hey John I tuned in earlier, and I'm impressed :) Keep up the good work. Check us out at and let me know what you guys think. 

There will be a backlash, I hope it's noisy and unstoppable, but it's more likely to be quiet, slow, and pretty much invisible to the average punter

I hear ya! I host a Christian Rap radio show based out of the Twin cities, and it's all online. The station (Crown Radio) is able to play just about anything, and I love the freedom of getting to choose the best music, whether it be independent artists or bigger name signed artists.

i need to print this out and carry it with me... i always get hit with this question : "why are you not ON yet??" ... i can just hand them this article for the answers!! =)

great job!


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So true. Music has nothing to do with the actual agenda. Its not only hip hop that affected either. Thats why everyone needs to stop listening to the machine and start digging for the realness.

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